Part 1 : How to use – Unleash the power of AI Testing for your App

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Art Work of Industrial Artist, Jin Young “Santa” Lim

Testing a mobile app is really hard unless you are an experienced tester or developer with the right tools supplied. In order to test the app, you not only need a mobile testing environment which consists of many mobile devices but also the proper skills in testing and programming. Even so, you still need to pour many rigorous hours to find a single “unexpectedness” or “error” — — usually that really comes to $$!

Testing is PAIN FULL — We deserve better!

So being a very uncompromising person and always looking for better alternatives, I (and my dev team) have been discussing possibility of wild ideas that a few people pursued; if we can pick up new trick (so called AI and deep learning) to our past experiences, maybe we can create a robot, so called, “Testbot”, which can do this entirely for us. Our ideas seemed naive and unrealistic at first and it needed us to develop for almost 4 years so far. With some luck, our efforts finally start to pay off and we are proud to release an unprecedented AI Testing product which can handle fully autonomous mobile app testing without you writing a script and without BYO devices as well.

Having said that, we would like to share our awesome AI Testbot service for “free” to all open source developer community members.

So if you are one of the app developers in the open source community who desperately needs fully autonomous testing without spending a dime, you come to the right place for the help!

Fully Autonomous AI Testbot Service:

Exploratory AI Testbot on Demand:

We developed for several years since 2017 when everyone jumped on the new technology shift of AI. Our AI Testbot now, although it still needs more improvement, is working great to meet our initial plan of unmanned, unattended, fully autonomous app testing and surprising test statistics of finding new errors in 15% of apps published in top 100 apps in google play store! That’s pretty awesome since those top 100 apps are very popular which also implies they went through a lot of testing before being released.

Is your app quality better than those of 100? Well, if you have any suspicion that your app’s quality is equal or maybe less than top 100, it’s about time that you give a try to our AI Testbot. is an AI app testing service in the cloud. We supply you real android and iOS phones in the cloud along with the state of art AI Testbot. That means that you only need to bring your app and click ‘New Test’ and the test will be taken care of afterward without your intervention. Yes, it doesn’t require your script nor test program.

Disclaimer: AI Testbot is not a cheat key to cover all testing and test quality may not please you in many ways, but we have confidence that if used in CI/CD pipeline properly, it will definitely load off most of your rudimentary checks.

How to use (free) in a nutshell

Let’s jump to how to use Here is a quick summary of what you need to do.

  1. Create your account at for free!
  2. Login and upload your app binary, .ipa or .apk w.r.t. iOS and Android
  3. Choose your devices for your app and specify how long AI Testbot to test
  4. That’s it! See back and watch your AI Testbot dances.

I am pretty sure that’s the easiest way to hire a tester for your app.In bonus, it’s going to be a very entertaining moment for you to see how AI Testbot is exploring your app lively!