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Available for iOS and Android apps on multiple real devices.
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Hyundai Card

Our mobile payment app includes more than 100 critical paths to be fully tested. We had a hard time to allocate QA resources to test and monitor the app daily. Scheduling Testbots in parallel, we can now empty out our daily QA task queues efficiently and gather unencountered insight of mobile service quality.

Hyundai Card Payment Operation Team

Hyundai Motor Company

AI Testbot behaves like a specific mobile user and evaluator. In addition to helping you find additional errors, development-validation by AI Testbot-distribution works as an automated pipeline, helping to reduce development and verification costs.

Hyundai Motor Company Infotainment Software Development Team


"Last year, we built the app service monitoring platform using's solution. Now the AI Testbot monitors more than 50 consumer apps everyday and continuously helps us to resolve unexpected issues."

LG U+ Mobile/Corporate Quality PI Team


“ has really pulled through a great working product with their innovative AI Testbot blended. I am very happy to see the wonderful test report of what can do for mobile app testing, and so shall be other testers”

BitBar Developer by BitBar

NBC Universal

“For the last eight months, NBC Owned Television Station was using and its AI Testbot to test the Android and iOS app in X
production. Now it runs in all stages, everyday!”

NBC Universal Quality Assurance & Operations Team


“We love and their team. The team is super smart and hard working, and it’s amazing how they juice up the AI into mobile app test. It’s awesome to see automatic test reports ready whenever we come to work in the morning everyday. It takes so much burden off from everyday testing.”



" brings efficiency to a new level of how quickly we could run tests for our apps. It is integrated to our device farm and makes testing an absolute breeze."


Easier and Faster Testing
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Quick Results in 30 minutes

Don't write test code every time. We trained a testbot with artificial intelligence to explore your app and locate critical errors.

Drive Business Impact

Eliminate bugs before your customers do. Achieve customer satisfaction and a 5-star rating for your apps.

Real Mobile Device Testing

We provide precise navigation paths, screenshots, and test logs. Physically tested on real iOS/Android devices.

No Coding, No Setup

Easy testing framework for developers and testers.

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Testbot in action testbot explores your app and executes tests.

Get results in minutes

Get results in as quickly as 30 minutes.


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Test smarter, faster, and more with AI Testbot.