MOU with LG U+

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On the 30th of September, LG U+ signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with, for the development of AI-based service test technology and discovery of sales opportunities.

As part of the agreement, the two companies developed an AI-based test automation solution and built an environment where AI tests LG U+ services 24 hours a day without requiring employees to run the test themselves.

They plan to expand the test automation solution applied to some services such as apps and web to various services of LG U+ such as IoT (Internet of Things) and IPTV.

In addition, the and LG U+ plan to focus on commercialization by introducing solutions to domestic and foreign service companies and exploring overseas markets.

To this end, the two parties participated in ‘STARWEST‘, a global test conference held in Anaheim, CA, in October, and presented actual use cases.

The team will appear again this Spring at STAREAST, held in Orlando in May.