Why we created apptest.ai and what we do

Author : Apptest.ai

The mobile app market is exploding and will account for 2.5B users as of 2019. The number of apps competing for attention will grow with that. If you pair that with the trend of CI/CD, delivering fast to the market with comprehensive testing is imperative to any business online.

apptest.ai provides a proprietary SaaS solution for mobile app testing that leverages state-of-the-art computer vision and natural language processing techniques to automatically test for errors without writing a single line of code. We already have a stable version that can outperform popular automation tools in the market. And, we have the ideal team to tackle this problem – our team comes from a diverse background in mobile QA, machine learning, and cloud computing and the majority of the team has worked together for the past two years.

Traditional mobile QA tools slow down time-to-market for an app and can be quite costly. At best, traditional tools based on Selendroid, Appium, and Calabash can only automate the workflow process at best, leaving the QA engineers and testers to develop individual scripts on each scenario to automate testing. In the face of impatient end users, it’s critical to have a bug-free product. Only 16% of users are willing to try an app that failed more than twice(Link- https://techcrunch.com/2013/03/12/users-have-low-tolerance-for-buggy-apps-only-16-will-try-a-failing-app-more-than-twice/). Not only that, even when the product fails on a corner condition, we are seeing that consumers are not willing to re-engage the product again.

Cloud testing market is expected to grow to be over $10 B by 2022, at a CAGR of over 13%. The mobile testing automation market is supported by strong underlying trends. There continues to be growth in smartphone users worldwide, there are thousands of new app releases every day, we continue to face increasing device fragmentation, and over $100 B projected global consumer spend on mobile apps by 2020 results in an increased competition among app developers to strive for higher quality and relevance to the consumers. The question for developers becomes how do we discover bugs before the customers do?

We released a Cloud solution to the public where you could upload or link your Android app. The automated testing will run through 100+ mobile devices simultaneously, pass through logins, explores your apps to identify paths and causes of errors. This completely removes the burden for app testers to script or create a workflow. We published APIs that is configurable with CI/CD environments such as Jenkins. When an error appears, our solution presents the error path for testers to fix the errors accordingly. Our front-end is developer-friendly with multiple project tabs – summary, activity map, detailed screen paths, performance (CPU/Memory), and logs. The full features that we offer currently are:

§ Fully automated AI-based testing

§ Functional regression automation

§ Usability testing

§ Production monitoring

§ Test data auto-generation

§ Exploratory testing

§ Low-level resource testing

§ Performance testing

§ Alerts and reports

§ REST API access

The current product as it stands today detects more errors than other automated players in the market. We already surpassed the performance of Google’s Firebase Test Lab benchmarked against the US top 100 mobile apps. The metrics are based on how many user scenarios we explore as well as the number of errors we collected on a couple of test phone types. Our fully automated, low maintenance tool allows QA team to dramatically save time and cost as illustrated below. On average, our solution is 8 to 16 times faster and half the price of using other automated tools. 

If you have a mobile app either in Android or iOS, feel free to visit apptest.ai and try how our testbot explores your app for free. All you need is to drop in your *.apk or *.iOS and choose the devices you’d like to run tests on.