Here are answers to some common questions.


Q. Who should use apptest.ai and why?

apptest.ai is primarily designed for developers, QA teams, customer support representatives, and product managers who desire to increase the quality of their mobile apps. While application quality is becoming increasingly important, it is simultaneously becoming more complex due to the number of device models, variations in firmware and OS versions, carrier and manufacturer customizations, and dependencies on remote services and other apps.
apptest.ai accelerates the development process by automatically executing tests on multiple devices, giving QA professionals, developers, and support professionals the ability to perform automated tests and manual tasks (eg. reproducing customer issues, exploratory testing, and executing manual test plans). apptest.ai eliminates the need to build device labs, lab managers, and automation infrastructure development.

Q. What type of apps do you support?

apptest.ai supports Android/iOS native, hybrid and web apps. We do not support custom UI apps such as Unity based games.

Q. Does apptest.ai use simulators or emulators?

apptest.ai tests are run on real, non-rooted devices. The devices are a mixture of OEM and carrier-branded devices.

Q. Do I need to instrument my app or supply source code?

No instrumentation or source code is required to use the built-in tests. Hybrid apps can be tested more accurately when webview has been set to debug on (true).


Q. Do you store my app, tests, and other files on your servers? For how long?

Apps and files are automatically removed after 30 days. Test results, screenshots, and logs are stored for 2 months. If you’d like, you can also choose to delete files and results at any time.

Q. Do you clean up devices after the testing is complete?

Yes. After test execution completes, we perform cleanup tasks on each device, including uninstallation of your app.

Q. Do you modify my app for testing?

No. apptest.ai doesn’t modify apps. We developed a complete black box test framework, which is one of our core strengths.


Q. Does apptest.ai have devices from Europe, China, and India?

We currently have devices primarily from the US and Korea but most phones are Global ROM across iOS and Android. If you would like to use a device that isn’t included in our fleet, please let us know.

Q. Are there pre-installed apps on apptest.ai test suite?

Yes. Test devices have a number of apps pre-installed by the device manufacturer or carrier.

Q. How are apptest.ai devices connected online?

All devices are connected to internet over WiFi.

Q. Can I test under different carrier connections?

You cannot yet. We will keep you posted if we expand our offerings.

Q. Can I make phone calls or send messages on your devices?

No. Devices do not have carrier connections and cannot make phone calls or send SMS/MMS messages.

Q. Can I use the camera function on devices?

Yes. You can use the device cameras, both front and rear-facing. Due to the way the devices are mounted, images and videos may look dark and blurry.


Q. Is Google Play Services available on your devices?

No. Google Play Services is installed on devices that support it, but our Testbot only tests uploaded apps.

Q. Is there a default account for Android and iOS?

Yes. Devices have active account(s).

Q. Does apptest.ai support record and playback?

Yes. apptest.ai supports record and replay functions.

Q. My app serves ads. Will they be displayed on your devices? Would there be any issues with my ad provider?

If you’re concerned about any potential issue, we recommend that you simply remove ads from the builds and drop in your application. But often times, we are able to find that cross-promotion or advertisement links are broken, which is insightful for many app developers.

Q. I’d like to input media or I/O condition for my app to consume. Is it possible?

Unfortunately, we do not support the I/O function at this time. We offer log-in, search, button checks, and general navigation at the moment. We will keep you posted once we have an update.

Q. My application has a dependency such that I need to test functionalities across multiple apps. Can I install multiple apps together?

No. We will keep you posted once we have an update.

Q. Can I test with a specify physical location setting for my app?

No. We will keep you posted once we have an update.

Q. Can I run localization tests? How do I change the language of the device?

We currently support English and Korean.

Q. How long does it take before my test starts?

Tests are immediately queued for running and usually start within minutes. If one or more devices are not available, test execution for those devices will remain queued until it become available. Testing on the other devices in your test run will continue.

Q. How long can I test my app for?

The maximum time allowed is currently set to 30 minutes. If you would like a longer testing session, please contact us.


Q. What's in an apptest.ai test report?

apptest.ai test reports contain pass/fail information, crash reports, device logs, screenshots, paths, and performance test timeline. Reports include both detailed per-device data and high-level results like the number of occurrences of a given error. Remote access results contain logs and a video of the session.

Q. Which device logs are included in an apptest.ai report?

apptest.ai reports include complete logcat logs for Android.

Q. What is the AT&T Video Optimizer (ARO)?

We enabled AT&T Video Optimizer as an option for your recording. Video Optimizer runs traces on a mobile device, collecting network traffic, battery statistics, a video of the screen, etc. It provides developers and testers recommendations to optimize the network performance of video and applications on mobile devices.

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