CI/CD Integration Document

Using with Circle CI on SauceLabs

We have a tutorial on how to use the service on CircleCI to perform a daily build which is running a smoke test without writing a single line of code. This time, I will introduce how to test the same using a device provided by Sauce Labs, not a device provided by

The only change from the way the CircleCI used the service is to use Sauce Labs API Keys instead of’s access keys, and to associate the and Sauce Labs accounts. If you are interested in linking your and Sauce Labs accounts during the current Beta period, please send an email to

1. Access to Sauce Labs service as below and obtain your API key

2. Register the APPTEST_AI_ACCESS_KEY in CircleCI using Sauce Labs API the same way that your previously registered the access key in CircleCI

3. Add Sauce Labs-based Test Step orb to CircleCI’s build configuration file (circleci/config,yml). The same is true except that orb has been renamed from apptestai/android-app-test to apptestai/android-app-test-saucelabs. In other words, include orb as below:

  apptest-ai: apptestai/android-app-test-saucelabs@dev:0.1.9

Add test step to start testing as below

 - apptest-ai/run-test:
    binary_path: app/build/outputs/apk/debug/app-debug.apk

4. When you build, you can test with the device registered in your Sauce Labs account as below, and the result is saved in the Artifacts tab in CircleCI. More detailed test data including device log can be accessed by accessing Sauce Labs.

Test on LG G5 provided by Sauce Labs has been successfully completed

The test summary of CircleCI also demonstrates the result the testbot

You can find the test report saved in HTML from in CircleCI Artifacts.

You can open this HTML to see the detailed test results

Connect to Sauce Labs to see the details of the LG G5 report used in the test

Sauce Labs can view the screen shots collected during the tests requested by CircleCI

In Sauce Labs, you can search the detailed device log collected during the test on the CircleCI

 Finally, the full build script used by CircleCI shown in this demo is shown below.